Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer with Indigo

I know, I know, it's been forever since I posted. I don't really have any excuses, except that I've been lazy. After Indigo's first month, we finally started to adjust and live our life more normally. We traveled a decent amount this summer, and it's been a fun adventure with our adorable Indie. In June, we spent a week at the Oregon coast with my siblings and their families. We stayed at a beach house, smelled the salty air, and relaxed. It was a much needed beach trip. In July, we spent one night with the youth at a youth conference, and spent the rest of the month doing band gigs, hanging out, swimming, and trying to keep up with our garden! We're growing strawberries, tomatoes, pumpkins, and watermelons. It's our first real garden and we're pretty excited. The weeding gets a little crazy sometimes, as does our home, but slowly and surely I've been able to keep up with baby and the house. It's a juggle sometimes! We went camping with the Ormsby's in early August and that was Indigo's first camping trip! At 3 months old, she was a champ. Slept great, was happy. I love the outdoors, and that also was a much needed camping trip! We hadn't been camping in a few years.

School just started and due to Tomás being gone during the day, I get to spend lots of time with Indigo. Reading to her, playing, singing. She's the smiliest baby in the world, and her laugh is to die for. She sleeps and eats well... and you can tell! She's a chunker now. Cute little bugger. I can't believe how big she is getting. She's hitting those common milestones: rolling over, almost sitting up, grabbing everything in sight, babbling and talking. It's been amazing to watch her grow. Really, seeing babies learn and grow is one of the greatest things to see. I didn't understand it until we had our own little one. Life is moving along, and having a child is so much fun. Of course it's hard work, but that little smile makes it all worth it every time.

On a personal note, I'm slowly losing more and more weight (not intentionally) from breastfeeding. After hitting my pre-pregnancy weight about a month after Indigo was born, I'm still losing weight. I guess it's nice for me, but sometimes I'm afraid I'm not eating enough to keep up with all the work my body is doing. Did I mention I still haven't really exercised? It's been a struggle. I go on walks with baby... and I did Insanity once, but it's hard to make time when there's all sort of other stuff to do. I guess I just need to prioritize better.

Tomás is keeping himself busy always writing new music for the band. We have lots of shows coming up this fall, so it should be fun. Indigo loves it when he plays. He also started a new project this summer: restoring an old muscle car. We scored a Skylark for $300, and he's taken it upon himself to make it all nice again. Our friend Jason is helping him with that. Once we can get it really up and running, we'll have another vehicle, which will be nice for me.

 I love the summer, but I think I equally love the fall. It's been so hot. It will be a nice change when the weather starts cooling down finally. I have a feeling it won't be until the end of the month to early October when that happens. It's still in the high 80s during the day here. Tomás' brother Jared comes home from his mission in Cambodia in December and we CAN'T WAIT! I know I can't. We're all flying up to Washington to see his homecoming, then heading down here for Christmas. It will be Indigo's first Christmas! Fun fun fun. The future is bright, and we are excited for our adventures ahead.

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