Monday, March 28, 2011

Future Plans...

The semester is almost over, and man am I excited for SUMMER! I want to bust out the sandals, BBQ burgers, frisbee, swimming, sunbathing, snowcones, and shorts! If it'll stop snowing...eventually... boo. Right now I'm working for a company called Qualicare, doing in home care providing and I LOVE IT. Tomás has senioritis BIG TIME. Only two more weeks and he'll be home free. Next semester, he's taking a bunch of fun classes, like Soccer and Guitar. I'm just excited to lay out in the sun.

Jared, Tomás' younger brother, is going to stay with us this summer, so it's going to be a par-tay. We have two bedrooms, one of which is a study currently. We're gonna shuffle around a few pieces of furniture, and he'll have a bedroom! Tomás is excited to jam out with Jared every day. Since the recent electric guitar purchase, we've got almost everything a small band owns: drumset, acoustic guitar, microphone, amp, and a tambourine. I play the tambourine, of course, and Tomás and I both sing. Jared's pretty good at the drumset, so it'll be an adventure. I've got my heart set on a new digital SLR camera. Ah, one day!

Lately, we've been looking online at places to live in Nampa, Idaho (for the Fall). We've found a few nice places, which are reasonably priced too. This one of Tomás' favorites right now. It comes with your own one car garage, and a basement. It's like a little house, all for the two of us! He wants to turn the basement into a music studio. The checkerboard kitchen floor and arched doorways are what get me! Here, check it out.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good news...

Today, Tomás found out that he passed his Spanish Praxis exam! Hooray! Now he's officially certified to teach Spanish in the Secondary Education spectrum. Over the weekend, he took the ESL Praxis in Pocatello, but he won't find out for about a month if he passed or not. He said he felt better about this second one. Soon enough, he'll be a real teacher! In August, we'll be heading to Nampa/Boise, Idaho for Tomás' student teaching, and then he's all done! The future is bright.

Today, I'm excited to do a dance photo shoot with my friend Sarah Schrader. Don't worry, I'll definitely post pictures. I really don't have very many flattering action shots dance-wise, so I'm excited to get something legit. You know, something like this...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Things...

Tomás has been eyeing this new electric guitar for some time now.

It's a Fender Telecaster. (a.k.a Expensive)

Well, for his birthday, Sara (his sister) and  I teamed up and we purchased it for him!

It's his new baby.

He even turns the heat on in the room its in, just so the guitar will stay preserved.

Now, he just can't get enough of playing this new thing.

The day before Tomás' birthday, an unexpected thing happened. It was the day of the Career Expo on campus. Tomás usually has one class and tutoring appointments all day. One by one, his tutoring appointments started canceling on him, so he decided to hit up the expo. It was all set up around a big raffle. Each event you participated in, you received a ticket into the big raffle. Tomás spent all day going to as many events as possible, so he could have a better chance to win a prize. They raffled off an iPod touch, a Wii, and the grand prize was an iPad. Guess who won the iPad? Tomás.

Let's just say, Tomás' is a liiiiiittle spoiled right now! :)