Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life on 11th Avenue

Hey everyone! I realize it's been too long since I blogged about us. Life hasn't been too extraordinary lately, but I'll let you in on a few cool things coming up, and what we've been up to. Mostly, we're STILL getting settled into our home. We finally have the sprinklers up and running well, we bought a few more pieces of furniture to add and use as storage space. Currently, the band equipment is taking up most of the space in the living room. Life has been going well! We try to go on little outings here and there to get to know the area. We headed downtown Boise a while ago just to explore the area, and the next morning hit up the Saturday Market. It's pretty sweet!

We officially heard back from the Nampa School District about Tomás' teaching job for next year, and he's hired back! We kind of hoped/assumed/thought they would hire him back, but he still had to shoot through the hoops and apply and interview just like everyone else. Luckily, they wanted him over everyone else! So, we know he'll be teaching Spanish at Skyview High School for the next school year. Woohoo!

I'm still teaching dance and working at Dairy Queen. Idaho Rhythm just had their last performance hurrah of the season, and my kids did so great! They love me. :)

Tomás is LOVING having the summers off, and is playing music non-stop. We have band practice twice a week, and it's been a lot of fun. We did a benefit concert at Skyview a few weeks ago, and it was a great experience. You can check out the post about that, and lots of other cool stuff on our band blog here.

I'm exciting for the end of this month, because we got concert tickets for Keane in SLC! I'm stoked!! I love love love Keane. It will be my first experience seeing them live, same for Tomás too. In July, we will perform at the Boise Music Festival, and right after that drive to visit Portland! Yay. We also recently both got called into working with the youth at church, so we'll be going together on their Youth Conference as soon as we get back from Portland. Tomás' parents will be visiting us at the beginning of August, and my family will come visit us in the middle of August. It will be a great and adventurous summer, with lots of family!