Friday, November 1, 2013


October was an eventful month for the Fisher clan. I decided to take up a small part time job at Linder Farms just for the pumpkin patch season, which meant Tomás or Maritza (my mother in law) was watching Indigo while I was gone. I pumped during my shift and it all worked out. Indigo did great and took the bottle no problem. She even started to hold it up herself! Or so I heard. She won't take the bottle from me.

Tomás continues to work two jobs: as a teacher and a driver's ed instructor after school. We were both busy busy. He's also still been playing with our band, 605 to San Gabriel. They had 5 gigs this month. AND on top of that he is restoring an old '65 Buick Skylark with the help of our friend Jason. Let's just say he has enough things to take up all his time. Once it's up and running, though, we'll have a second car which will be nice.

I also decided to chop all my hair off this month! No more hair for baby Indigo to pull. She had quite the grip, and to be honest I missed my pixie cut from the college days. It was time. It's nice having all that hair off. The ends were getting nasty anyway, since I wanted to keep it long this summer, and all that straightening, etc. I needed to cut those ends off. I love it short! It's fun. I love wearing earring too, and you can see when better when there's no hair in the way!

Indigo turned 6 months on the 25th of October! That day also happens to be my sister Miriam's birthday, and it's just two days after the 4th anniversary of my mother's death, who died just a few months after Tomás and I were wed. While commemorating the half year after Indigo's birth, I reflected much on my mother, and what an amazing mom she was. Sometimes I think of the things she would do with Indigo, were she here. How she'd play with her, and make sure she's warm and bundled up. We are so blessed to have our baby and I thank Him every day in our prayers for her.

This month was also Indigo's first real photo shoot session, which we had done by Kylie Turley on the 21st. She did so well. I'm excited to have some great family portraits. AND it was her first Halloween! We had a blast dressing up our family together. Tomás went as the "man with no name" from the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. One of Clint Eastwood's most classic characters. I was an Indian, and baby was Tomás' money bag. We dressed up early and had a little pre-Halloween photo shoot south of town in the desert, then headed to our ward's dinner and trunk or treat. Poor baby was doing fine until the actual trunk or treat part. We tried to get her to grab the candy from peoples' bowls and she just busting out crying after a few trunks. There were a TON of kids, noise, and it was dark. I think she'd had enough. She was fine once we came back home. Tomás also dressed up for trick or treaters on Halloween and shot his cap gun at them while blasting his theme song outside our front door. I think he had a good time.

Indigo keeps growing, and getting stronger and louder. She's just about sitting up on her own, and is quick to grab. We have to keep things WAY out of her reach. She's fast! You don't even see her coming and BAM she's got it. Her baby babble is starting to sound more and more like baby talk instead of babble. It's the cutest thing ever. At her 6 month appointment, she weighed in at 19 lbs, 15 oz (basically 20 lbs) and 27.5 inches long. Even though she's not at the weight or height requirements to get a bigger carseat, we already had to. She was too chunky for that little one! I had those straps at their maximum and I could barely buckle her in. So, we headed to Target and got her a big girl carseat, still rear facing of course. She's just now getting used to it, as we've had her in it for a couple weeks now.

We also just started to put her to sleep in her own crib! in her own room! The co-sleeper next to our bed was great, but she's just too big for it now. She's been doing pretty well in her own room. We bought a baby monitor since our walls are so thick. Our little one is just growing up! So many changes. I guess that's normal when a baby turns 6 months. I still remember her so tiny in my arms after her birth. We sure love our baby chunker. She's still the happiest, giggliest baby I've ever met or seen. We are so grateful for her cheerfulness. She just brightens our day.

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  1. Good for you getting out and away for a bit. It sure is nice to have baby time as well as adult time.

    I can't believe Indigo is 6 months already! This is just when they get more and more fun! Do you have any videos of her babbling? I think that's the cutest sound ever ever ever! Where are the pictures from her photo shoot?