Sunday, November 4, 2012

1st Trimester

I know, I know, I haven't blogger in FOR-EV-ER. But, I guess that's what happens when you get pregnant, and aren't feeling so great for a few months. After finding out I was pregnant, we were STOKED, but I wasn't excited to be so sick! Bleh. It's been pretty bad, from my comparison to friends, family and others I've talked to about pregnancy. My all-day nausea persisted (and still continues) but is subdued currently with aid from Zofran. I'm hoping by the end of my current re-fill of it, my nausea will have subsided. Coming to the end of my first trimester was a "YAY!" moment, but I'm still feeling about the same. The good news is, not as many foods/smells make me nauseous. The other day, I was able to cook meat no problem, which was nice. So, I think some things are changing. Woohoo! Tomás is excited to see my bump grow. Here are my 1st trimester pregnancy shots.

Recently, Tomás and I have both been blessed with job opportunities to earn more money for our (growing) family. I got a new job as a front tech at Swaim Chiropractic, which is only a block away from my house. I love it there, and it's been great to me. Tomás has been working a night school security job at Skyview after his normal school hours a few days a week, which has been crazy. We're working through everything we've been given as best as we can! We are excited to get our house more stylish, homey, and"us" before the baby comes.

As a band, (605 to San Gabriel) we have been able to play at Linder Farms this fall a few times, which was a great experience for us. Coming up on November 17th, we will be playing at the Tree House in Boise at 7:30pm. All ages welcome, so we hope any that are interested can come hear us!