Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mikaela's Wedding

Last week, we headed towards Rexburg Wednesday night with Jessica & Etta Prindle for Mikaela's Wedding. Poor Etta kept crying out in her sleep on the five hour drive there. We arrived late Wednesday night around 1:30am and checked into the Quality Inn, where everyone else was staying also. The next morning Jared & Mikaela were both going to the temple at 11:00 to recieve their endowment. Tomás and I, along with tons of other Fisher family attended and it was so nice. We haven't been to the temple in awhile, and it was great to go again. I got to meet a lot of Tomás' other cousins I haven't been able to meet yet. They are all so fun.

After the endowment, we all headed to Craigo's/Pizza Pie Café for lunch. We all stuffed ourselves full of pizza, pasta, and salad and socialized. Thanks again to Aunt Jean for lunch and our stay at the Quality Inn. It was fun to have everyone together there.

Maritza, Sara, Tomás and I went to a hay maze later that night for fun. It was the closest thing I could get to a pumpkin patch. I wanted to go to a real pumpkin patch, but Tomás kept telling me they are for little kids. Whatever. The maze was really fun anyway.

The next morning was Mikaela and Logan's wedding. The wedding was beautiful. I couldn't believe how many people there were in the temple! I counted. There were around 50. Which was funny, because the room we all were squeezed into only seats around 30, so we were all double seated, and sitting on the cracks and such. Jessica took their wedding photos outside of the temple afterwards, and I helped her haul around stuff and make sure Mikaela's dress was perfect. Mikaela and Logan are great together, and I wish them a happy marriage!

All of the cousins stayed up until 1am playing signs and mafia in the lobby area. We even got Uncle Garth, Maritza, and Aunt Susan to play with us for a few rounds. This was probably my highlight, besides the actual wedding of course. We just had too much fun. It was great.

After the wedding we had a nice luncheon at the MC Special Events room on campus. It was de-lish, and so deluxe. The festivities made us tiresome, especially after staying up to late the night before. We all headed back to the hotel after lunch and crashed until the reception that night.

It was held at Rexburg City Hall. We had a good time mingling, eating cheesecake and lemonade, and chatting with family. Weddings are always great because they bring so much family together. I couldn't believe how many of us made it all the way to Rexburg to be together.

Farrell, Maritza, Jared, Crystal, Sara, Tomás and I went to see Captain America after the reception at the cheap theatre. I had never seen it before, and neither had Tomás. I enjoyed it a lot. It was cute, and somewhat cheesy, but I think fitting since it was set in the 1950's. After the movie I was sufficiently beat, and since we had to leave around 5am the next morning I wanted to get right to bed. We didn't end up getting to bed until around midnight and I pretty much just passed out. I was scheduled to work at DQ at 11am, so we had to leave early enough for me to make my shift. 

Now, that was quite the drive. Tomás drove until the sun started to come up, and I drove the rest of the way. It was a difficult drive, but we made it. I don't think I'll ever want to do that again. Bleh. Etta did much better on the way there. Jess & Etta slept the entire way, just about. Next time we plan a trip, I'll just request off Saturday too. Whew!