Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2nd trimester!

I know, it's been forever. I'm a horrible blogger lately! Tomás takes the computer to school each day, so it's hard for me to have time in the evenings. Anyway, here's my second trimester recap! During my second trimester we drove down to Utah for Thanksgiving, and drove up to Portland for Christmas. Lots of family and traveling, which was fun. Two of my pregnancy pictures were taken in those places. I'm still sick, as far as nausea goes, and I'm just expecting it to stay the whole time. I kinda had figured this would happen. Especially with everyone saying "Oh, don't worry after the first trimester it will ease up," or "Oh, just wait until after 20 weeks, that's when I felt better." Welp, everyone, I don't think it is! hahaha... So i'm just facing the facts now. I'm on Zofran, and probably will be until I deliver. Woo! Here are my 2nd trimester photos. This trimester I grew the most from beginning to end, I think. But who knows, I'll probably be huge by the end of the 3rd. :)