Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good news...

Today, Tomás found out that he passed his Spanish Praxis exam! Hooray! Now he's officially certified to teach Spanish in the Secondary Education spectrum. Over the weekend, he took the ESL Praxis in Pocatello, but he won't find out for about a month if he passed or not. He said he felt better about this second one. Soon enough, he'll be a real teacher! In August, we'll be heading to Nampa/Boise, Idaho for Tomás' student teaching, and then he's all done! The future is bright.

Today, I'm excited to do a dance photo shoot with my friend Sarah Schrader. Don't worry, I'll definitely post pictures. I really don't have very many flattering action shots dance-wise, so I'm excited to get something legit. You know, something like this...

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