Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Things...

Tomás has been eyeing this new electric guitar for some time now.

It's a Fender Telecaster. (a.k.a Expensive)

Well, for his birthday, Sara (his sister) and  I teamed up and we purchased it for him!

It's his new baby.

He even turns the heat on in the room its in, just so the guitar will stay preserved.

Now, he just can't get enough of playing this new thing.

The day before Tomás' birthday, an unexpected thing happened. It was the day of the Career Expo on campus. Tomás usually has one class and tutoring appointments all day. One by one, his tutoring appointments started canceling on him, so he decided to hit up the expo. It was all set up around a big raffle. Each event you participated in, you received a ticket into the big raffle. Tomás spent all day going to as many events as possible, so he could have a better chance to win a prize. They raffled off an iPod touch, a Wii, and the grand prize was an iPad. Guess who won the iPad? Tomás.

Let's just say, Tomás' is a liiiiiittle spoiled right now! :)


  1. it's a good day to be him, that's for sure! :)

  2. that is awesome, seriously who ever wins stuff? Lucky man!