Monday, July 16, 2012

the 4th, and Boise Music Festival

This 4th of July week was busy, busy, busy! Maritza, Tomás' mom, came to visit us and hear our performances, so we were excited about that. We picked her up on Tuesday night.

First, our band 605 to San Gabriel had a show in Melba on the 4th, around 5pm at the 4th of July Celebration down there. There were tons of food and craft vendors set up, and the stage situated in the middle of it all. It was a good experience, but wasn't our best show. There were some sound difficulties, and we couldn't hear ourselves. Yikes. We got through it okay.

That Saturday was the Boise Music Festival! We got to perform on Stage 1 at 1pm, and I think it went MUCH better than Melba. The sound guy was great, and overall it was a pretty good performance. We still have much to work on, but it was a fun experience to be able to play there. I posted a video of us performing one number on our band blog, so you can see it here.

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