Monday, February 13, 2012

14 Days of Valentines: 10, 11 &12

Hey everyone! I can't believe my 14 days of valentines is almost over. It's truly been so much fun surprising Tomás with all these little goodies or keepsakes. My next post will be after Valentine's Day, and that will finish it up!

Tomás has this love for sweet treats, esspecially Hostess or Little Debbie. I know, I know... they are soooo fattening. But, I thought I would indulge this, since I've already eaten and made other treats this month. I bought him a box of "Be My Valentine" cupcakes, where 10 come in a box. They're chocolate heart-shaped treats. He was very excited about this one. It worked out great, because that night we were going to a Stake Valentine's dance. So, I asked if he would be my valentine!

On the 11th, I printed out "I love you" in 11 different languages and placed them throughout the house for him to find. Languages is one of Tomás' passions, so he had a fun time trying to decipher what languages they were. It was a Saturday morning, so I woke up before him and did all this while he was still asleep, hoping I wouldn't wake him up. Then, I placed the note on his chest, and gave him a kiss to wake up and start his scavenger hunt before I had to head out to my dance class. I actually got a shot of him sleeping, which was pretty cool! I can't believe he didn't wake up.

I really wanted to get that Papa Murphy's heart shaped pizza for one of these days, but I just didn't know which one. I figured there were at least 12 pepperoni on it, and so I decided I would do it for the 12th. (Even though, there's more like 30+ pepperoni). Oh well, this was the only day I struggled with the most to use the number. Since the 12th was a Sunday, I wanted something yummy we could enjoy, and then I wouldn't have to cook! So, it was a win-win. On Saturday night, we had band practice, and I knew Papa Murphy's closed at 9. So, over halfway through, the band started to plink around on a new song (which didn't have vocals, and that meant I wasn't needed for a time). That was my perfect segway to run and grab the pizza. So, that's what I did, and Tomás had no idea. :)

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