Friday, February 3, 2012

14 days of Valentines: 1 through 3

Sooo... this month I decided to do that cutsie 14 days of Valentine's for Tomás. I haven't ever done it before, so this is my first time. So far, it's harder than I thought trying to surprise him. Especially if it's on a day where he's off work.

On the 1st, I used an online program to create a personalized crossword puzzle for him to solve. He loves words, and word games, so I knew he would love it. I made it pretty easy for him. :) I also cut out different sized hearts, to lead up to the area where the little gift would be. I decided I would most likely re-use these, and I did again today (the 3rd).

On the 2nd, I bought two candy bars, one had nuts and toffee in it (his favorite), and the other was caramel with milk chocolate. My little note said something like, "One's nutty, and the other sweet... just like you! and just how I like it." Haha. We're both a little nutty, I think. It was a little harder to me to surprise him that day, since I didn't have it ready before he came home from school. He ran outside to grab the mail, and I slipped it on top of one of his schoolwork folders he was working on. Voila! I still surprised him, which was nice.

Today's the 3rd, and so I bought three different mini packages of hot chocolates, that were three different flavors, and put them inside one of our mugs. I used the hearts again to lead into the kitchen, where I placed the mug. In the note, I said something along the lines of, "Hot chocolate warms my heart, just like you." I had to work around noon, so I left it there for him to find when he returned from school, and that worked out pretty well. When he came to pick me up from work, he said. "Well... you warm my soul!"


  1. Aw Lorraine you are so sweet. These are the types of things I wish a significant other would do for me. :)

  2. Yo are so thoughtful and clever! I love love love this idea! What a lucky man you have!