Friday, December 2, 2011


This year, we kind of had a double thanksgiving.

Tomás' family came into town the week before thanksgiving for one last hurrah, since Jared is leaving on his mission December 7th.

We went shopping at the Boise Towne Square, shopped for some things for Jared, and ate at Panda afterwards. We did a lot of hanging out at our apartment, and playing games.

We also went to go see Twilight the day after it came out. Let's just say, it wasn't the best movie in the world. Yikes. We still had fun being together though. :)

 (Went bella style to the showing with my converse)

We had a good ol' time.

On Sunday, we had our own little thanksgiving dinner in our tiny kitchen.

On the actual holiday, we were invited over to the Prindles! We spend thanksgiving with them, and it was delightful. Their five girls are a bunches of fun.

Jess did a great job with the dinner. We made these lovely crab deviled eggs and the yams to contribute.

Drew made these cute table settings for everyone!

All in all, we had a deluxe and awesome holiday to spend with family. It was grrrrreat!

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