Thursday, April 4, 2013

37 weeks and counting...

(Not my picture, but pretty cool huh?)

I'm 37 weeks along now, and feeling HUGE more than ever. I'm measuring a little bit ahead (39 cm), and have been staying that way for a week now. Tomás and I are anxious and excited to meet our little sweetie. The baby's room is finished, and today I packed our hospital bag (or rather multiple bags... seems like you need one for you, one for the baby, one with extra special items.. etc.) We just need to install the carseat, and I think we're just about ready for this baby to come!

I'm planning a natural birth (vaginal delivery with no medication), and I am stoked! We've both been going to a birthing class every week called Confident Birthing, and we love it. We're learning tons, and I feel more and more prepared and informed about birth. It makes me relieved as well, knowing what may happen and just being prepared for all outcomes. Luckily, I've had many family members do natural birth already and they've been a big help in giving me confidence and information as well. I know each woman who gives birth has an "ideal," and of course not everyone gets that. But, it's always good to think positive and in the direction you want. Overall, I'm feeling pretty good. My lower back is what's killing me the most right now. I wake up every few hours at night to roll over, or to go pee. During the day, I can't stand/walk around for more than an hour or it really starts to ache. So, I just rest and take it easy a lot of the time, while mixing in some yoga of course. Other than that, (and my constant nausea that stayed with me the entire pregnancy) I feel great!

I'm starting this old wive's tale today... something about eating 7-10 dates every day for the last few weeks of pregnancy. Apparently it's supposed to help you have the baby on time (not too late), and decreases the length of labor/helps your body progress faster... etc. Who knows! I like dates though, so I just went to WinCo and bought a big bag. I'm having this weird feeling that I won't make it to my due date. No reason why, that's just a feeling I have. I guess we'll just have to wait and see! I'm going to let my body (and the baby) decide so it's just a waiting game now.

The baby seems pretty high still, and she kicks me in the ribs non-stop. She pretty much moves non-stop actually. I sit and rock on an exercise ball a lot, to get her feet out of my stomach/ribs. I wonder if she'll come out dancing, or be so worn out from birth that she's a sleep zombie, haha. So far, we have a few names picked out, but we're going to wait until she's born to decide. Anyway, that's my little update! The next post will either be maternity pictures or when the baby is born, so stay posted!


  1. I love the update! I wish you well with the labor when it comes!! You sound like you've prepared as much as you can! :)

  2. Im getting so excited for you guys! You're still as adorable as ever:) Glad to hear you're resting during these last few'll be so glad you did when you could;) Take care and I hope the best with L & D-you'll be great!