Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's a Girl!

As most of you may know already, we found out a few weeks ago that the baby is a girl! On Dec. 4th we went in for my 2nd trimester ultrasound. It's crazy seeing her move around so much when I can't feel her yet. But, she looks healthy, and her heartbeat is healthy... etc. etc. Seems like she's doing great!
Here are a few pictures from the ultrasound.

I'm just over halfway into my pregnancy (21 weeks), and still nauseous! Bleh. I'm on medication for that, so I feel great when I remember to take my daily nausea pill. So many people ask "So, how are you feeling? any better?" And it's like, well.... no... but when I'm on my medication I feel great! So yes? Ah. I've just been resorting to saying "yeah, I am." I guess most women start feeling better after their first trimester. I must be one of the lucky few who get to have it the whole pregnancy! Crazy. I figure, if I just expect to be nauseous the rest of the time, it will be a surprise if it ever lets up.

I haven't been able to notice her moving around until recently, when I felt a few jabs and pushes that felt like it was her moving around. Still not sure if it was, but I think so! And that's exciting. Every once in awhile I'll feel a strong ache in one corner or part of my belly, and I figure that's her moving around or changing positions.

Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant. I feel pretty normal, I just have a little pooch. It's kind of sad I can't participate in activities like ice skating, or sledding though. Boo. We haven't exactly purchased anything, persay, for her yet either. We're just waiting until it gets closer to start her nursery, I guess. We've got time! :)

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  1. Have you tried Rasberry tea? That helped me during my 4 pregnancies. We are so happy for you and are excited to that special day. :o)