Saturday, August 25, 2012

Family time!

August was busy for us, with both of our families coming to visit us back to back. It was so much fun, but kind of crazy! Tomás' family came first, and mine came after.

First to arrive was Maritza, on Saturday the 4th. She was followed by Tomás' father Farrell, and his sister Sara the next Tuesday night. We had a blast BBQing at Lake Lowell, going on walks in downtown Nampa, going on a bike ride, visiting with his cousin Jessica and her fam, shotgun shooting south of town, and just hanging out at home watching movies and playing games. Wednesday was Maritza's birthday, so we went out to eat to celebrate at Texas Roadhouse too. We packed just a few days full of tons of fun stuff to do, and everyone headed out the next Friday morning back home. It was nice having everyone together again (minus Jared, who is on his mission in Cambodia).

Since I've met my photo upload quota on this thing already, I'm just going to be posting all pictures on Facebook. You can see the pictures from our Fisher reunion here.

On that Thursday and Friday when the Fisher's headed out, my Dad and stepmom Kay flew in from West Virginia, and Eli drove up from Logan, Utah. On Saturday, Miriam and Jordan, with their families, drove up. We spent a lot of time hanging out at home, trying to keep all the cute little neices and nephews entertained. We saw the Farmer's Market, went to the lake, saw the Discovery Center of Idaho in Boise, and played at a park downtown, paddled boats around a little pond, ate lots of yummy food, went swimming at a public pool, watched movies, made beaded bracelets, and they got to hear our band practice too! We also celebrated Sequoia and Aislin's birthday that week with a little party. We had an awesome time together. My sister Kirstin, and her daughter Maya were the only ones missing, besides Abe (Eli's husband). Since my family is so spread out, we've kind of made it a tradition to get together around once a year (either in the summer or winter), which was worked out pretty well so far. We've been able to do it three years in a row now, and I hope we can continue to keep the tradition and get together often.

Check out pictures from the Floyd family reunion here.

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