Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our New Home!

Hey everyone! I know most of you have heard, but in case you haven't, we bought a new home! It's a cute little two bedroom, one bath 912 square feet home with a small backyard, and shed. We have high hopes for this little home! We are still in the process of getting new furniture (or rather, real furniture) for our home, so pardon the ghetto furniture for now. I think it will still be awhile before we are really, fully settled, but here are some pictures for now! The study is still a mess, so sorry about that. And, I haven't really decorated yet, but once we have a new bed and some new couches, I'll start putting up pictures and what not. Most of our current furniture was cheap cheap cheap, or DI, soooo it's time to upgrade! Especially with a home and all. Let us know what you think!

 Living/dining room...

 Front entryway...

 Master Bedroom...


 Tiny bathroom.... :)


 Laundry room. Yes, it was a miracle that they fit. The ground is not level in this room.


 Back porch area...

 Forsythia tree in our backyard!


  1. So cute! I'm so happy for you! It's such a cute house.

  2. sweet place! It's gotta be so exciting to feel settled! - Freyja

  3. Yay!!!! Congrats on your first enormous purchase!!! aka investment! I am so excited for you guys!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

  4. cuuute! We love the pictures! And, we have the same washer and dryer! I'm glad they fit; those Maytags do HUGE loads! We are kinda jealous...we probably won't be homeowners for a very long time!

  5. I'm seriously jealous of your adorable house! How wonderfully exciting!

  6. so adorable!!!! Congratulations!