Thursday, August 4, 2011

A New Change

Wow... it's been a crazy few weeks. Sorry I've neglected the blog for awhile! Now, it's time to catch up.

 First, Tomás "graduated." Maritza, Farrell, Sara, and Tomás' grandparents came up for it. We went out to eat at Chuck-O-Rama in Idaho Falls before the festivities. Commencement and Convocation were both Friday night. Of course, he won't actually be graduated until December, it was still fun celebrating for him.

It was a busy weekend. On Saturday, we packed and cleaned like crazy, and moved out of our apartment the Monday after. Thanks to all the hard work of Maritza, Tomás' grandparents, Sara and Jared, we got everything finished in the time we wanted. Monday morning, some people from our ward came to help us pack the truck. All of our stuff was packed in 30 minutes! I couldn't believe they packed it so fast. We headed out of Rexburg toward Nampa around 1:30pm. Off to our new place!

We made it into Nampa around 6:30, it took us about five hours to drive there, even though we drove through six... yes, six construction zones on our way there. I thought I would die. Tomás drove the U-Haul with his boot on, and I drove our Forrester. It was a very anticipated five hours, that's for sure!

Tomás had previously contacted the Bishop of our new ward, to see if we could get help moving in when we arrived- and we did! They showed up right on the dot. We had never actually seen the apartment before that time, so it was exciting. Of course, we love the place! We definitely lucked out.

The next few days were much unpacking and job applying. I've been online, and around town applying to jobs like crazy. That's one reason why I haven't updated this blog until now. We also don't have any internet at our apartment, that's reason number two. We have to hit up the nearby McDonalds for free WIFI when we want to get on the internet.


We went to our ward for the first time this Sunday, and we love it. Everyone there is very friendly, and the Bishop is great. We finished unpacking on the Friday after we arrived, and love love love our new place. It's a townhome style with a bedroom and bathroom upstairs and downstairs. It also has A/C with is fantastic. I've never lived anywhere with air conditioning. Man, it's nice.


  1. Congrats on the new place--it looks great. It made me think, "I want to have my own apartment!" and then I thought, "oh wait, I do."

  2. mannn lorraine! your new place is sooooo great! seriously. what a dream. also, your decorations are the cutest. it makes me want to come and visit, all the way from alabama!! haha

  3. I remember Chuck-O-Rama! I love your living room decor!