Saturday, June 4, 2011

A baby and a broken bone

This past week has been craaaazy.

Tomás and I drove down to Utah to attend Oliver's (Jordan & Aja's new baby boy) baby blessing, and to see the cute little tyke. It was a great trip. We shopped a little, and saw family and friends. It was nice being away from Rexburg for a weekend. I love my family. My little neices and nephews are toooooo cute.

On Wednesday, I decided to lay out after work and I got beyond burnt. I looked like a bright red tomato. Ouch. Luckily, I'm starting to look normal again. That same day, Tomás decided to play in our ward soccer game at 10:15pm.

With only a few minutes left in the game, Tomás is running full speed to catch the ball. One wrong move and—crack. Something snapped and he's down on the ground. He said he felt numb from the knee down and couldn't move. We weren't sure if it was just a sprain at first, but he seemed to be in intense pain and could barely move it. Since it was 11:30, nothing was open except the hospital.

So, that's where we went. We drove him straight to the emergency room, where they took X-Rays. Turns out he sprained his foot, yes, and also chipped off a piece of his Talus (A large bone in the foot). The Talus sits right underneath the Tibia and Fibula. Poor baby... Tomás has never broken a bone before. Let's just say it was hard watching him in so much pain as they forced his foot into a boot, and he "crutched" out of there.

The next day (Thursday), we were told to go to an Orthopedic, who would decide exactly what we needed to do. After getting a CT Scan from a different clinic, we found out that he didn't break off one piece of bone, but rather a few corn flake size pieces from his Talus—all of which are just floating around in there. The doctor told Tomás he needs surgery, which is scheduled for next Friday.

Luckily, the surgery won't be very invasive. They will use little tiny cameras and some other apparatus to pull the pieces of bone out, as well as make incisions on the Talus to promote cartilage growth. Whew! He should be okay.

He's doing so well, and keeping a positive attitude about it all. He's still getting used to the crutches. They wear his arms out pretty good, so we're looking into finding a used wheelchair somehow. Then, at least, we can go outside and not have to worry about wearing him out. If you know anyone in Rexburg that might have a wheelchair, let me know! He's just glad he still has his arms to play his guitar with. :)

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