Thursday, February 3, 2011

We made a blog!

It seems as though everyone who is married has a blog. I guess I'm a little late jumping on that bandwagon. A year and a half late. Well, now that I'm finally graduated and have a little more spare time, I decided I'd make one for us.

Currently, Tomás is still in school, and is set to graduate after his student teaching next Fall. He's busy working as a tutor, and being the Area Director of Lifeskills (a section of Activities on campus), along with the load of his classwork. I'm working part time at Circle of Love, a formal women and menswear shop, and I love it. I'm still looking for a second job, or some way to earn extra money.

Right now, we're hooked on a new show called Community. We're still catching up from Season One, and we watch two or three episodes a night to catch up. My favorite character is Abed. Here's one of my favorite clips from the credits.


  1. Cute blog! Don't worry.. you are never too late to start a blog.. and blogs aren't only for married couples... ;) Hope you are doing well!

  2. It's hard to think of things to post when you don't have kids. I'm glad you started a blog, it will be fun keeping up with you guys. We love Community too. Been watching it since it started.