Friday, February 18, 2011

Things I Love

While Tomás is in classes and I'm at home, I have some time to think about the little things. Today, these are some of the things I love. Some of these are also things that remind me of Portland.

A great view from up top
Scent of candles burning
Ripe Mangos
Wheat Fields
Dogs barking down the street
Feather pillows and pillow-top mattresses
Cloudy days
Sunny days
Echo of a dump truck lifting trash into its bed
Crashing waves
Sweet treats
Pepperoni Pizza
Killer sales
Whirr of a train's wheels rolling over the tracks
A warm wind
Roaring thunder and flashes of lightning
Candy hearts
A flickering flame
Groves of trees planted in a perfect grid
Birds singing and chirping when the sun comes out
Milka chocolate
Pouring rain
Upbeat music
Downy laundry detergent
Watching dance pieces that make me cry
Photo shoots
Being silly
Painted nails
Tropical places
The way it smells before it rains

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